Saturday, May 16, 2015

Aquatic Exercise Equipment

At Aqquatix USA we have many great products to help you achieve your overall fitness goals!  One of these products is the AqquaWALKING Treadmill.  This is a Mechanical Treadmill designed for aqua walking and running.
  • Ideal for fitness training, rehabilitation activities and low impact exercise
  • Stable, reliable, smooth belt movement, requiring minimal maintenance
  • Rubber wheels attached to the base allows the treadmill to be lowered into or removed from the pool easily

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Aquatic Exercise Equipment

Aquatic Exercise Equipment

Aqquatix USA turns your pool into a "Liquid Gym"! This aquatic fitness equipment takes aquatic exercise to the next level.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Aquatic Exercise Equipment


Aqua exercise has been a popular way of keeping fit for years, particularly for people with certain health problems, those recovering from injury or the elderly. There is also a growing trend to extend its appeal to younger fitness enthusiasts and to healthy baby boomers, with pools, gyms, and other facilities offering state of the art specialized equipment such as the Aqquatix bike and treadmill. 

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Monday, April 20, 2015

AqquaACTIVE Bike - User Guide

The AqquaACTIVE Bike is a unique piece of exercise equipment which allows you to exercise while partially underwater. The innovative techniques used on the bike combine pedaling action with upper body movements, engaging many muscle groups.

For best results, your AqquaACTIVE Bike should be properly placed in your pool. When seating on the bike saddle, the pool's water level should reach somewhere between your waist and your chest.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Benefits of Aquatic Exercise

Exercising in water relaxes your entire muscular system and improves your autonomy of movement.

When chest deep in water 90% of your body is buoyant, therefore you are bearing 10% of your weight. Movement is safe and stress-free.

The resistance of the water continually massages and comforts your muscles and promotes toning of those groups.

The hydrotropic pressure of the water greatly improves general circulation and promotes better venous blood flow back to your heart.
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Elevating the Fitness Center Experience

Members of the Aqquatix USA team visited Country Club Health and Fitness Center in Fairmont, West Virginia to demonstrate the AqquaACTIVE Bike and AqquaWALKING Treadmill to the staff and members.

Understanding the importance of aquatic exercise, the fitness center purchased both the AqquaACTIVE Bike and the AqquaWALKING Treadmill to offer their members more than the typical aquatic fitness that their swimming pool provides to their members.

Aqquatix USA offers a wide array of fitness equipment for commercial and residential swimming pools. If you would like additional information about Aqquatix USA visit or call (800) 330-3228.

AqquaWALKING Treadmill

The AqquaWALKING Treadmill is a unique exercise product that allows you to combine the action of walking while partially underwater. Because you are chest deep in water your upper body and core muscles are also challenged by the resistance and buoyancy properties of the water. The 13 degree incline of the treadmill adds to your resistance.

For best results your AqquaWALKING Treadmill should be placed in water that is waist to chest deep which will make you 60-90% buoyant. If there is an uneven bottom in the pool, position your treadmill to go up the slope. View more at